I saw others drawing sailorsherlock today, and If anyone thought I would miss a chance to draw any form of magical girl (boy) Sherlock they would be sorely mistaken.

Just a doodle of The knight and Lady of the mountain for if I made a gwen/morgana  version of my knight/dragon story.

I just realisedI could draw dragonfoxes and no one could stop me.

So another self portrait, while I figure out what to draw next, because gosh the pressure I feel now, it’s going to be hard to top this week I tell you, so I guess I should carry on as if it is like any other?

I feel I should at the very least welcome and say hello to those who have decided to bless me with their follow. even if its only for a little while. Hello. I hope you feel comfortable enough to message me so I get to know some of you, and that you enjoy what I post in the future.

I haven’t drawn my own characters for a while and kind of missed it. So, even though its mainly for my own indulgence, here are my two lovely characters, Starbeam Rainbow (Aka Maggie) the Erotomanic fairy and  Princess Public Opinion (aka Clover) co-protagonist of one of the novels I am working on.

To those who have asked, mentioned or thought about it;

Yes, you may write a fic (or other creative endeavour) inspired by/ to my art work/comics/designs. I only request two things.

The first i expect most of you already do anyway because it’s good manners, but I am mentioning it just incase; Please source/credit any images/designs/ideas you are using imbedded in your thing or for inspiration. 

and most importantly please message or link me to your creative endeavour. I would love to see it, and I promise I will only have nice things to say.

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um. Hi I just want to say thank you to everyone for amazing and unexpectedly positive response to my last picture. (the dragon/knight love story)

I feel like I should comment to every single one of you and say thanks in person for all the lovely things you have written in tags and comments today. (which I have read) but I am sure to miss someone, as I write this, its climbed to 1,500+ notes so you can imagine why, replying currently seems like a daunting task.

I also don’t want to comment on some and not others because they all mean a lot.  I am also quite overwhelmed right now, this has never happened to me before, I am kind of in stunned shock about the whole thing. (in a good way) so i might be slow if get round to thanking you all.

I guess I wanted to say, thank you. even if you didn’t comment, even if you just liked it. Thank you for liking something I have created. If you did, I want you to know I saw it and I don’t think I will ever not appreciate it. some of the comments made me laugh out loud with joy. I really appreciate them and you have my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to write them, for thinking them in the first place.

gosh I am a huge sop. 

but thank you for putting up with my soppiness, and maybe even liking it a little when it comes to love stories.

Evi Doe aka (eviko/foxmittens)

EDIT: I wrote this before somebody in particular (I am looking at you Wil Wheaton even though I  doubt you will read this note, so I don’t know why I am even directing it.. nevermind) point is. I still mean all of it, but the amount of comments has doubled in half an hour so if you thought I was overwhelmed by the response before. I honestly don’t know whats happening. Thank you for liking my art. 

I am currently a bit shell shocked. How did he even find it? who else is going to see it? and to answer the question that is being said over and over;

I deliberately left it vague, the story is mine, and I really liked it so I didn’t want to force anyone into having to read it as a certain ship.Its labelled Johnlock (and merthur cos I honestly forgot which), but i also designed it to be read either as fan or as original depending on pref, , I guess what ever gives people the most pleasure. the story is still the same no matter what you call them.

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Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

It’s been a while since I drew a merperson.

Getting into the mindset to work on more Heart and mind Magical Girl Sherlock (#magicalock)