Just a quick sketch of My Original Character, Starbeam (aka Maggie) as I take a break from research and requests.

I haven’t drawn any of my OCs in a while and I feel quite bad for neglecting them.

I am unrepentant. 

I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 over the weekend, and I had to draw this kitty-like-cutiepie.

I want to, and plan to draw some other HTTYD fanart as well. I love those movies to bits.

thought it would be nice to show what one of my raw sketches looks like. :3

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I can’t even feel indignant at you for the palette colours I ended up having to work with, because I did similar to you. Miss you Zink, hope you are having fun in Germany.

Omg this was the most amazing prompt ever. I loved drawing it and I love how it turned out. It;s just a pity that the tumble format really doesn’t suit landscape so well.

: So i’d like Magicalock Lestrade again in 92 with Magicalock Mycroft (since I noticed no one has asked for him yet) in 73. But they both would be in their own separate color palettes and so will their backgrounds. But the two color palette backgrounds would merge in the middle. Mixing together. With Lestrade and Mycroft holding hands or something. Kind of like a allegory for two different beings becoming one. If that makes any sense at all. ^_^

Thanks for the amazing promp <3<3

edit. I think the closeup images are making the post too clunky so I am taking them out for now. If you want them in, tell me.

Remember Kids, Smoking is not a cool habit, anymore, unfortunately there was a time before people knew that.

I think I sorted it out Anon, and all it took was no background.

I have to admit I am not sure rainbow colours really go with an angst scene. It makes it look like John is having a gay-epiphany. 

Hope you like it anyway 


NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


since I am nearly finished all the last lot of prompts and I recently hit 1k followers, I thought I would give this a whirl. same rules apply, but multiple couples okay.

added: you can also request actions (like the character doing certain things (keep it pg 13) OR a particular style of mine OR a colour plus action I’ll pick a character at random.

Otherwise we could stop and resume regular viewing. but I learnt so much from the last lot.

I hope this is okay, i was trying something different (painting everything including lineart  on one layer), and it turned out a bit weird, but i thought a softer “blended” look would suit it. 

but i feel guilty its not the part of my style you like. (thank you for liking it by the way)

Magicalock AU: Heart and Mind Pages 65, 66, and 67

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Sherlocks Magica transformation!

(song I am drawing this chapter to)

Magicalock AU: Heart and Mind Pages 62, 63, and 64

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Lestrade and John’s transformation Sequence! Sherlock’s up next!

:3 here you go

Magicalock AU: Heart and Mind Page 61

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Lestrade and John’s transformation pages to be continued.