I decided to continue on the same line as this comic. This may be the last one, there may be more, I am not sure yet.

Modern AU merlin is my fav kind of fanfic, I can never get enough of it. and the less Arthur and Merlin get on in the beginning the better. I love watching them squabble.

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Im sorry if this is a bit off, im incredibly short-sighted and I couldn’t be bothered putting my glasses on this morning, so there was a lot of squinting involved in this, and obviously i didn’t bother with detail because everything is quite blurry.

The spider Sketch

(might use this as a basis for a chapter cover)

Balance sketch

Since I drew each of the characters in their own layer for the magicalock dogpile (as I have nicknamed it) picture. here is a picture of each of them on their own.

So I sort of promised myself that I wouldn’t do anymore magicalock for the Lets draw sherlock challenges and then the October one comes around and it’s Favourite Au. Well either way I go it makes a liar out of me, so I might as well just draw what I enjoy.

I was going to draw them in witchyesque costumes for a halloween theme but then 5 hours into it I realised I had forgotten to. *sob*

Happy Halloween Month.

I take back what I said. I want a Mystrade fic with a young Minnie Lestrade, and I want to drown in the adorableness that would ensue.

So now I have gone on a complete Minnie Lestrade tangent and thinking about what would happen in a Mystrade fic, where Minnie meets dad’s new squeeze and how would that go down.

Obviously i see a fic forming that I will probably never write but I think it would be a good one. I don’t think Mycroft has a lot of experience or understanding of teenage girls (or tween girls), and so far I can see Minnie being intelligent and headstrong in a way that he is not equipped to deal with, at least not at first.

And I can’t imagine Mycroft would be the ideal partner Minnie had in mind for her dad. Especially not her first impression of him. Mycroft is so OLD and acts so OLD, and is a complete dork. 

I think it would be a super adorable fic, with all sorts of opportunities to explore Mycroft and Lestrade’s characters. Plus super cute and wincy scenes with super intelligent mycroft trying to connect with someone who is in a demographic he knows nothing about. (cue inappropriately young girl toy gifts as a bribe to win her over etc).

Some sketches of Minnie Lestrade, as I work out her character.

Hi! Im back! A little rusty, but warming up to pick up where I left off, with a quick (and Messy) picture of Magica Moriarty (with a slightly different costume) as an apology for my absence. 

Continuing posting some of the pictures I have done for the colour meme into collections.

here is my merlin character collection. 

Original posts found here, here and here.

(also if you really like them all three are available as prints and printed on stuff at my society 6 store)

As I said I would, I am clustering the images I did for the colour meme (incase people missed it or wanted to see how much I learnt from when I started to when I finished) (I am still sort of doing it but taking a break plus working on other projects)

These are all the Morgana pictures I ended up doing. Their original posts; [x] [x] [x]

Decided to put some of the colour meme pictures I did into groups, incase people missed it. 

These are the two Greaser universe themed ones specifically Greaserjohn and Nerdlock  and Greaserlock, with the same palette (links to each individual picture).

(remember smoking is not a good/healthy/cool habit)

Like I promised I have done Sherlock and John in Magicalock (Magical Girl) costumes for August’s Lets draw sherlock.

I will do something more adventurous for another entry… hopefully.