Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

It’s been a while since I drew a merperson.

Getting into the mindset to work on more Heart and mind Magical Girl Sherlock (#magicalock)


So doing the final checks and stiff for my trip and check my notebook and find this little mystrade doodle I totally don’t remember doing.

Woops wrong account

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Magical girl Sherlock. 

I should probably say this particular series of magical girl designs are different from the designs for my Magicalock comic Heart and mind. (though i might cherry pick stuff as I expand on the world of heart and mind) Therefore it would be better to think of these sketches as a parallel concept that might cross pollenate. (which may get confusing later when I expand the Heart&Mind world, so best to keep all understanding of H&M universe from the comic)

This is because in Heart and Mind Magica draw their power by Body Shifting so that the biological  sex presented in magicaform is Shifted from how they normally present in every day life and has nothing to do with Gender Identity (eg. John may have tits while he is Heart, but he is still a “he”)  This will be explored more when I introduce the idea of Witches in the comic.

In this current series of sketches the body is the same but they are all magical girls, hence Sherlock has his usual body. 

I just really really like drawing magical girl costumes okay, and playing around with  Ideas of Sex and Gender Identity.

Magical girl Irene Adler

More Sherlock Magical girl ladies. I kind of feel like they should have their own comic, the cuties.

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I don’t mind

I would be curious to see what would happen, if instead of setting the narrative for you, I ask the people of tumblr, to write, draw, and tell me what is happening in this half formed doodle. What is the story? where is it going?

feel free to add narrative, and context to this in fic, explanation or your own art, or don’t, its up to you.

Teen Femlock kind of drew itself really.

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This was a five minute sketch that turned into a ten minute sketch with colour

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